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There are a large number of people who still own a wonderful and huge collection of vinyl records buried in their attic. If you belong to this category of people where the desire for listening to old vinyl music hasn’t died, you need to do something to maintain it. Buying a RokBlok is a great solution! The RokBlok is a portable vinyl player for listening to records anywhere easily and conveniently.


Though modern-age portable ways of listening to music are robust, convenient, and reliable, they cannot be compared to the rhythmic timing and midrange tenderness offered by the vinyl records. The golden vintage sound produced by a vinyl record player just simply cannot be replicated. RokBlok – A Magical Little Record Player helps you to reminisce your joyful childhood days.

RokBlok is a subtle vinyl music record player that is capable of great things. This crazy little device that spins on the records, producing a soothing sound, helps you reminisce your joyful days when vinyl used to be the most famous music. There is a great sentimental value of being able to play the songs that you heard when you met your spouse for the first time or the songs you used to hear with your parents when you were still a kid.

You can visit our official website and place your order for the cute little vinyl record player, RokBlok. The device is charming in its own way. You don’t need to carry huge turntables with you to listen to vinyl records. In fact, this device lets you listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere, provided the record must be placed on a flat surface. It is so wonderful to watch RokBlok spin gracefully on the record and emit soothing music.


Crank Your Favorite Tunes with RokBlok

RokBlok is an amazingly wonderful device that is gaining popularity, day by day. CB Box To Feature RokBlok Among Amazing Assortment is one of the biggest achievements of the device. It is a wooden box that lets you play your favorite vinyl anywhere on the go.

Crank Your Favorite Tunes with RokBlok.jpeg

If you own a pile of records that is collecting dust in your basement or attic, you can make the music go live again using RokBlok. Bringing Back the Nostalgia – RokBlok is a new generation record player that can play 33 rpm or 45 rpm to let you listen to your favorite vinyl easily and conveniently. Apart from the nostalgia and sound quality, the device’s portability is an excellent feature. The compact and tiny wireless player rides around the records like a toy train and plays your favorite tunes as it goes. Using its built-in speakers, the device offers wonderful sound effects. You can even pair the device with other Bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers to get a bolder sound effect.

The built-in Bluetooth capability adds an immediate value and usefulness to the speaker. RokBlok uses the records as its spinning platter. You have to simply pull the lever to start playing and hold your hand over the lever to get it down to make the music stop.

Get your hands on one for economical rates on the official website and start streaming music wirelessly to a set of speakers or headphones. Get ready to spin the disks anywhere and at any time without the troubles of lugging the turntables around with you. It is a revolutionary product that is bringing an amazing change in the music world. It is a boon for the music fanatics. Hurry! Place your order for the RokBlok today!

Glorious Inception of RokBlok

RokBlok is the world’s first portable wireless record player that is an excellent replacement for the big audio systems. This wonderful invention brings back the symphonic orchestra with its mobile audio format. The device comes with a needle on its belly that helps the records to play but on the flat surfaces only. Let’s have an insight into the inception of RokBlok – how it came into the picture.  The idea popped up when Logan Riley, the creator of RokBlok, was not able to share the records with his friends while they were in the park. After he returned to the home, he built foolproof designs that would allow people to listen to their favorite vinyl records without the turntable.

11 Glorious Inception of RokBlock

The idea is as crazy as the device itself. It literally spins over the records and lets you listen to your favorite tracks anytime and anywhere. Bringing Back the Nostalgia – RokBlok is completely changing the audio industry. The device uses the simple fundamentals of physics. The creator worked properly on the Doppler Effect. Having used the wireless pipe to the Bluetooth speaker of the RokBlok, Logan made a historical invention by incorporating less electricity to sync up the speed of the record.

If you love the vintage style of listening to music, then RokBlok is the perfect vinyl record player for you. The built-in Bluetooth speakers provide decent sound quality. You can also connect the device with the headphones or other Bluetooth devices. The device doesn’t interrupt the spin movement of the record, giving you an amazing experience of listening to your favorite music.

Get in touch with us on our official website and place your order for the RokBlok for economical rates. It is a perfect device that replaces turntables from the records and lets you listen to the vinyl as per your mood and convenience.

Bringing Back the Nostalgia – RokBlok

RokBlok is a magnificent record player that doesn’t require a turntable. The record stays stationary while this little record layer spins on top of the records. You just have to place the record on a flat surface! It is literally a new spin on an old technology. For more details about this little portable record player, you can follow RokBlok account on Behance.

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With RokBlok making its entry in the contemporary market, the popularity of vinyl is also increasing. The product is bringing back the nostalgia. A large number of people have already placed their orders for the gadget. We recommend you follow RokBlok account on Levo for minute product details.

It is literally a piece of wood that has enthralled the audiophiles and music lovers. It plays records without a stereo. You can play vinyl anywhere, anytime, as per your mood and convenience. For bolder sound effects, you can also connect the device to your headphones or speakers via Bluetooth.

Yes! The bounce is back with this infinitely portable record player. Get yours at our website at really affordable rates. This device has helped the vinyl defy all the odds and make a comeback. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that longs for up to 4 hours and can be charged in 2 hours. The device also works for 2 days on standby.

Get in touch with us on our official website and know more about the device- its features, price, etc. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with this little box of music that spreads pleasure wherever it is. You don’t have to wait anymore for a perfect set-up to listen to your favorite records. All you have to do is place the record on a flat surface and the RokBlok above it!

Hit the Mood Up with RokBlok

For decades, the records were spun on the record players, but as the technology evolved, today your record player turns on top of your record.

Rokblok– the world’s smallest record player puts a new spin on vinyl records. You simply have to place the device on top of any record to instantly listen anywhere, provided the surface must be flat. It packs a huge sound and allows you to rock out to your favorite records with the built-in speaker. You can even send music to any Bluetooth device wirelessly, within a range of 30 feet, for a bigger sound. This extremely portable wireless record player makes it simple for vintage sounds to be played in a totally modern way.

RokBlok Cover - Copy

If you are an audiophile or a fan of fun, you must definitely get your hands on RokBlok that lets you enjoy the original vinyl the way it was meant to be heard. To use, you have to place it on top of a record and pull the lever. Hold your hand above the moving record player to stop. It is that simple.

Whether you want to listen to Dylan in your bedroom or want to share your favorite Gil Scott Heron press with some friends at a park, RokBlok by Pink Donut is the best choice. It is specially designed for current vinyl lovers and even for those who are new to records. If you have ever been interested in buying a record, this product is for you.

Apart from the sound quality, the product is extremely cute with 4X2 dimensions, vinyl safe rubber wheels, and a rechargeable battery life that continues for up to 4 hours. You can buy this amazing and tiniest record player on our website at a really good price. Get in touch with us to hit your mood up with this ingenious little block!