The Vinyl Comeback With RokBlok the World’s Portable Record Player

Everything is going digital in modern society. With the press of a button, we get access to a lot of things, including entertainment. We now stream music and facing out stuff like MP3 players and CDs. But something unprecedented is happening. Vinyl music has a comeback. A lot is happening in the industry, but there is no better blessing like the RokBlok which has contributed immensely to the rise of vinyl music. The Rokblok Cube Enhances Your Vinyl Collection | Inverse. But you might wonder; why do people want to listen to vinyl using these devices? Is it the quality of sound? Their past experience, or the work of art behind it?

To be honest, all these factors play a role in ensuring you get to listen to vinyl again. But the most important part is the device that is playing the records. After the amazing mind behind the creation of RokBlok has shown us How to Create a Product and Sell it for $500,000 on Shark Tank, we are left with it as it changes our normal ways of entertainment. It is built with a modern user in mind. It comes with the most obvious benefits you can think of when wanting to buy a piece of the latest entertainment equipment. With a record and the RokBlok in your hands, you are only lacking a flat surface to start enjoying music.

The RokBlok incorporates modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery. You can connect it to your home speakers to get the full blast of music, plus have high-end music quality for long hours without worry about power. The battery will last four hours during use. This device can be used anywhere at any time. That is how this device is bringing back the love for vinyl.

Get the Charm of Vinyl Through RokBlok Record Player

Owning a record player might look like digressing in technology, but it actually isn’t. The value you get from listening vinyl will revive the understanding of music and spark in you a better taste of music. If you’ve visited an ardent lover of vinyl music, you’ll come out of that place in love with this kind of music. It is clearer and crispier than our modern digital downloads. The RokBlok is a portable vinyl player for listening to records and can help you transition into playing this music cheaply. After making your purchase, you won’t even notice how fast your record collection will rise. It will grow gradually, but as you enjoy the music, you’ll not notice it grow.


It is a feeling no one can put their finger on. Words cannot describe it enough either. The charm of vinyl music played using RokBlok; the world’s smallest record player is out of this world. You’ll listen to albums back to back and don’t tire. The records tell a story and charm you all the way to the finish. If you have fond memories of the past, the RokBlok will help you relive it. It costs under $100 dollars and is easy to operate. There is nothing like it. This device is a small object but is packed with many features that make it the best choice above the rest in the industry. The clever, absurd RokBlok rides your vinyl’s grooves like a hipster race car.

The smallest record player comes with a speaker, in-built amplifier, and high-end Bluetooth connectivity. Its battery is a lithium battery type that lasts four non-stop hours as you play your music. You don’t insert the record in it to play. Just place the record on a flat surface, get your fully charged record player and put it on top and start playing. It is that simple. The speaker will fill a room with sweat sounds and you’ll start enjoying the charm of vinyl.

How RokBlok is Faring in the Business Community After Airing on Shark Tank

Before the invention of the RokBlok, vinyl music was losing its value to modern digital developments. When Riley came to the Shark Tank, his work impressed the sharks and he ended up settling for half a million dollars in exchange of 100% of the company. In addition, he was offered an opportunity to work for two years. Of course, after the airing of this device, more and more people got interested in it and thousands of individuals were buying the device within weeks. Because of the RokBlok Wireless Record Player/west elm, the vinyl industry is continually expanding.

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RokBlok on Shark Tank: A Portable Box that Plays Records | has become a very integral player in promoting music in form of records. The manufacturer of this device is reaching out to musicians and organizations to enhance the listenership of vinyl music. The growth and love for the RokBlok are scoring highly in the modern culture owing to its ease of operation, convenience, and affordability. All one needs it a flat surface where you’ll place the record. Place the RokBlok and play. That easy.

To the music industry, RokBlok is a huge blessing. The sweet sounds of vinyl can now be part of our modern society. The vintage sound emanates from an in-built speaker system that is loud enough for most people. The device contains an amp whereby the owner does not need extra investment in another. The design is such that the appliance is light enough for it to run around the recorder while it does not destroy it. Thanks to the ingenious work behind it, anyone can operate it without needing expert knowledge. So, it is great for any home. Get yours today.

Vinyl Music Entertainment at Higher Levels Thanks to RokBlok

Owning your own RokBlok brings the sense of nostalgia! Its performance is high-end and yet its price is low. When it comes to its size, the Techmoan – Techmoan – RokBlok review classify it as the smallest record player on the market. It plays the record while it moves on the top. You don’t insert the record disk in it; you place it on top of the disk and enjoy. Playing vinyl music has never been easier. No more inconvenience of heavy turntables. There is no need for amplifiers. You don’t even need to have speakers. It is simple. Get your records, a flat surface, and RokBlok, and you’ll be ready to enjoy vinyl.

Vinyl Music Entertainment at Higher Levels Thanks to RokBlok

RokBlok is basically a turntable in your pocket, and it can be yours for $89. Can you imagine the little cost of this device? While turntables cost thousands of dollars and yet they are inconvenient, the RokBlok device is cheap and yet has a lot of flexibility to offer. It is unique in design and made using bamboo measuring two inches by four inches. It is lightweight which is allows the run on top of the record without damaging it. This device is simply magically enabling your entertainment wherever you go.

Its features are what makes it worth investing your money. Its speaker system is great and produces a sound that is clear to fill a room. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect external speakers. Meaning, you can connect your headphones or even huge speakers through the Bluetooth feature. The rechargeable battery comes in handy because you can stay entertained as long as there is electricity. The battery lasts four hours while you play and takes only two hours to recharge. With the RokBlok, your entertainment life will definitely change for the better. Get yours today to revisit the journey of vinyl music.

Introducing the Sweet Sound of Vinyl to the Young Generation With RokBlok

Inventions have brought us this far. Almost every industry has and is still experiencing a change which most of it is useful. The entertainment industry is not left behind because we are in the digital download as well. With a click on a device, we can listen to music from all over the world. But for vinyl lovers, things had gone silent for quite some time. The vinyl industry had become too expensive. The turntables were for the rich, and the records had become souvenirs, and most people had kept them to show their generations what they used before for entertainment.

Introducing the Sweet Sound of Vinyl to the Young Generation With RokBlok

The turntables were not just expensive, but also very inconvenient because they occupied a huge space in the house, making it difficult for common people to own. However, we are always thankful for the Shark Tank update: RokBlok – business 2 community that introduced RokBlok for us. This device has saved lives! It is affordable, convenient, and generally useful to the owner. It small such that it fits inside a pocket. Its convenience comes because you can use it anywhere – both indoors and outdoors.

With less than 100 dollars, you can get your own RokBlok – a new spin, on vinyl by Pink Donut – Kickstarter. It is so cheap compared to the other alternatives, and yet very useful. It has its own powerful speaker, it accepts Bluetooth connectivity, and can connect to earphones of headphones. Now the new generation can enjoy vinyl sounds and learn a thing or two from their great grandparents.

The RokBlok is also easy to use. You only need a flat surface that you can put your record, then place your record player and start playing. That simple. Carry it wherever you want without planning ahead of time. Now we can buy records without worrying about how we are going to play them thanks to RokBlok.

Make More Space in Your Living Room by Using RokBlok; the Smallest Record Player

It is here and it’s hard to ignore. RokBlok: the world’s smallest record player is crafted for the modern generation to enjoy vinyl like never before. As a whole, it is a complete entertainment system that comes with all the necessary features to provide what you should expect from any other music player, even more! With the aging old turntables and the inconvenience that comes with these enormous pieces of equipment, there is a better alternative.


First off, RokBlok comes in the smallest size you can imagine in this industry. It is smaller than the record itself. Meaning, it is very convenient when you want to move from one place to another. All you need is your pocket and a place to carry your records. Due to its design and functionality, it is light, and you won’t notice its weight while carrying it in a backpack. It is equally easy to use. You only require a flat surface to put your record, and then place the RokBlok on it, turn it on, and voila! You will enjoy to Play your records anywhere with this tiny wood block that’s basically wizardry – RokBlok.

This device comes with all the components you might need in today’s entertainment world. It has an inbuilt speaker that allows you to enjoy clear music whilst in a huge room. You don’t have to worry if you want to rave at a party. Just find big speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. Connect them to RokBlok and enjoy with friends.

RokBlok is built for all music lovers. It leaves you plenty of space to dance in your room, unlike turntables. Consider buying yours today, and reach the entertainment heights you have been seeking in vinyl.

Got Vinyl? RokBlok Wireless Record Player Will Help You Savor Your Music

You can now enjoy vinyl wherever you go. Do you want that? If yes, the RokBlok is a portable vinyl player for listening to records anywhere for you. It has everything you might need to enjoy your music. Unlike other devices in this industry which are much expensive and inconvenient to carry around, RokBlok will make the life of vinyl enthusiast much bearable with competitive prices and hundreds of more convenience than you can expect from anywhere else. RokBlok is the bridge between old generation musicians and modern music lovers. It incorporates the technology of modern times which makes it even more appealing.


The fact that it does not require wiring connection makes it even more appealing. Expect Bluetooth connectivity, connection to earphones, a loud in-build speaker. It is all you want if you love vinyl. For the longest time now, vinyl lovers had to forfeit their music of choice because of two things: high prices of the turntables and the inconvenience of carrying around turntables. But RokBlok/CrunchBase comes to deliver you. It is affordable, compact, and will serve you for ages to come. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts a whopping four hours on continuous entertainment.

Whether you just got introduced to vinyl, you are a budding enthusiast of vinyl or a seasoned listener of records, RokBlok will offer you an experience like now. You can move around with it, place and play when you want, listen in your earphones or headphones, and even connect to loudspeakers. After going for four straight hours, you can recharge and start enjoying again. It is simply amazing how this little prize-winning creature was made.

Join the Craze Over Vinyl With the RokBlok Invention

The quality of music that arises from the RokBlok device is wowing many and has brought back the craze over vinyl. It is a tiny block measuring four by two inches and made out of bamboo. This appliance looks great and the fact that it is small and produces a quality sound that fills a room is amazing. From RokBlok Techmoan reviews from buyers, you will notice most people appreciating the fact that it has eliminated the need for turntables. As the heavy turntables required you to hire transportation, RokBlok can fit in your backpack together with your records. And when you reach your destination, you can take it out, put your records on a flat surface, place your device, and there you go!


Music lovers now play their music from this appliance. What modern downloads could not provide now conveniently comes from RokBlok. It has made it easy for younger people to access music from the past and they cannot believe how smooth and warm these records are. Some find it cool to move around with this music player. The older generation is also reminded of their days. The difference is that they can move around however they like, and listen to this music anytime they wish. RokBlok is the world’s first portable wireless record player and is taking over in place of turntables. Everyone is hooked to the new amazements of RokBlok.

What comprises RokBlok? With RokBlok grooving like a hipster race car for most people, others are still wondering what it really is. It is a block measuring four by two inches with an in-build two-inch speaker system. It can operate through Bluetooth and capable of entertaining a party for four hours thanks to its long-lasting four-hour battery. It runs on wheels that are made from rubber and designed such that they run smoothly on the record without destroying it. Get your own RokBlok music player right away.

Lessons to Learn From RokBlok Invention and Making Valuable Sales Off Your Idea

We are all now enjoying the benefits of RokBlok. It has brought back the craze over vinyl music, we can listen to records from any place, we no longer feel the pain of transporting turntables and many other benefits. It is arguably one of the top inventions the world will ever have. When you learn about the origins of RokBlok, you will appreciate the fact that one man found it inconvenient to entertain his friends in his small house. He wanted to invite others to enjoy music away from home, but couldn’t because carrying turntables was a huge inconvenience. He then thought about it and came up with a solution. The RokBlok is a portable vinyl player for listening to records anywhere and is now affordable for anyone who wants it.


When he was presenting his idea, many learned how to create a product and sell it for over half a million dollars on Shark Tank. His love for vinyl and friendships led to making an excellent solution that eliminated his biggest challenge (turntables) and later was able to give an entertainment solution that benefits the world today. Through his creation, he took advantage of modern technology and combined it with the old and there was RokBlok! This device is a work of genius. It is well thought through and performs excellently.

To help music lovers access beautiful vinyl from anywhere, he made it very compact and included useful features for the modern society. From an inbuilt speaker that is powerful enough to fill a full room, Bluetooth connectivity, earphone or headphone connectivity, to great looks and ability for anyone to carry it around as they wish, this device is the solution for the modern entertainment society. You can learn a lot from the invention of RokBlok and above everything else, enjoy your music from anywhere, anytime.

Revive the Feeling of Listening to Vinyl With RokBlok Record Player

Most of us know the music experience we used to have when we were listening to vinyl. Its charms and charisma is not something to forget because it continually runs in our veins. Unfortunately, the time has come with new inventions and it is no longer viable to use the turntables. Turntables cannot match with the value of music handsets we can access in the modern society. As a result, some of us have kept the records in the attic and embraced better ways of listening to music. After all, there are other digital options, right? But wait. What if we could revive the feeling we used to have? The solution is RokBlok: The world’s smallest wireless record player.


Now you can get the records from the attic, clean them, and listen to your favorite vinyl from anywhere at any time. The RokBlok portable wireless record player has now made it easy for you to carry your records around, place them on a flat surface, place the device and enjoy. That simple! If you are from the old generation, then this appliance will remind you of the great times in your youth, while the younger generation will start appreciating the substance in the old music. Besides getting old generation entertainment, you will also learn to enjoy the coolness that comes with this device.

RokBlok is made with the incorporation of new ideas and inventions. It has earphone/ headphone channels to listen to music on the go. It also includes a Bluetooth connection, which you can use to connect to your stereo speakers and have a blast! Thanks to RokBlok availability vinyl is back on the map of music. Revive the vinyl feeling by connecting with us on our website today.